About me

I am a drummer that makes youtube videos… Or is it a youtuber that makes drum videos???

Anyway, I play drums and sometimes take videos of it.

Sometimes too, I do lessons and tutorials for my youtube family. Covers too. Drum covers, that is…¬† ūüôā ¬†Oh there is also the vlog type videos where I show random drum events in real life. ¬†Occasionally you¬†might find me talking about some sort of issue that plagues musicians like me, and the way out if there is one. There is also a lot of general randomness of playing chops, solos or fills. ¬†All these visual chocolate bars exist on the mystical¬†platform called youtube.

You can find me there… <<Click here>>.

Before you go though… It will be super awesome to have you in the PLAYA NATION (the youtube family I told you about).

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